About Jeannette

Jeannette DeWyzeJeannette DeWyze brings an extraordinary range of experience as a writer and researcher to any professional writing project. A Chicago native, she was graduated from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism and moved to San Diego to embark upon a long and distinguished career in newspaper journalism.

In addition to working as a staff writer for the San Diego Reader from 1977 to 2007, she has contributed numerous freelance articles to both national and local magazines and newspapers. Ben-Simon Publications published her short memoir, The Baby Came Early, in 1986.

She is a member of the American Medical Writers Association.

A to Z Writing

Jeannette's first full-length book, Too Perfect, written with San Diego psychiatrist Allan Mallinger, describes the obsessive personality style and offers helpful advice for individuals haunted by perfectionism. Currently in its 15th printing, the book has been translated into five languages.

Along with Dr. Charles A. Babbush and Doris A. Fuller, Jeannette in 2004 wrote As Good As New: A Consumer's Guide to Dental Implants.

She launched Jeannette De Wyze Professional Writing in 1995 to provide technical writing services to corporate marketing teams and professional services firms. Working with clinicians on five continents, she has helped to bring hundreds of research papers to publication.

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